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<blockquote>Some Clarification requested as to start of PSP</blockquote>

This is my 4th inquiry in two days on the same issue (yet awaiting a response).

I need to start the PSP course as I have already scheduled to take the test in November (a month from now). I'm not sure whether I can join the on-going course. Due to time constrain I won't be able to participate interactive classroom but could you please advise that I can still contact the tutor for any queries as to studies? I intend to finish the course in a week and half, so I need access to full course to achieve that target. Is this possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you before making the payment.

(I have already registered myself this afternoon.)



Please reply to my e-mail address given at the registration.
Wednesday, October 14 2015, 02:06 AM
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