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Collaborate as Trainer

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Are you a professional trainer, academician or industry professional who gives freelance or full time training, and you come from construction project management background? We at Protrain are actively looking forward to collaborate with professionals like you.

 What we offer you: 

Complete e-Learning Solution:
We posses complete technical knowhow of e-Learning. We have all the relevant licenses and skill to develop e-Learning content.  This means to you that, we shall work with you to convert the conventional classroom contents to interactive video based e-Learning contents. 

Online Course hosting and Delivery Platform:
Protrain.com is integrated e-Learning portal. This has capacities of hosting, delivering and tracking e-Learning contents. This means to you that, we shall take care of the entire internet and IT based technicalities and you need not to bother how student shall get access to courses.

Construction Project Management Marketplace:
With the unique business model and technical capabilities, Protrain received several thousand hits a month from around the world. Protrain is now becoming a marketplace where trainer can host their courses and sale them. Additionally, unlike other commercial web based e-Learning portal are focused on Construction Management learning this means better marketing and students access.

Backed with strong social media and internet marketing technological skills, we promote courses globally. This means to you that you can deliver course without any geographical boundaries. More revenue and global presence. 

What we expect from you:

Quality Contents:
To keep our course of global standard we ensure that:
1.    Courses are specific to Construction Industry with primary focus upon Construction Project Management and related fields.
2.     Prospective trainer must be involved in the training of subject area for some time and must actively training professional at partime or fulltime bases at this time.
3.    Should have construction project management professional or academic background.
4.    Should have a course complete with him. We prefer those trainers who are already delivering course in offline mode and now want to convert through online media.
5.    Our language of course delivery is English. We expect trainer to have proficiency in the language. However, this does not restrict eligible trainers to collaborate with us. We are truly global portal and posses all the skill and resources cover up language deficiencies.

Ownership of Contents:
We respect copyright. It is expected from the trainer to do not copy course contents as long as they are acceptable for the purpose of teaching. Prospecting trainer shall have to ensure and sign an undertaking that the content deliver through Protrain have been developed by them or they have obtained relevant permissions from the original copyright holders.