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This help article explain how to navigate in a course area:

algeria loc 1. Getting Course Info:
All the course info is available on 'Course Overview Page'. Please see screenshot on right to understand how the course information is arranged.

2. Content Navigation: 
The course structure is simple and as below:

1. Course
a. Module 1
i. Lesson 1
ii. Lesson 2
iii. …
iv. …
b. Module 2
c. ..
d. ..

Based on the course plan, lesson contains video lectures, tutorials, reading material and quizzes.

Use the icon below to navigate to-and-fro between lesson pages.

- Go to Course Page     
- Previous Lesson Page  
- Refresh Lesson Page   
 - Next Lesson Page        

3. Lecture Page Navigations:

Please click on screenshots below to learn control functions on lecture video window. Please note that Lecture shall pause after every slide and you have to click on ‘Slide Forward’ button to go to next slide. Please refer to screenshot ‘Control Bar’ below.

algeria loc
Top Ribbon

algeria loc

algeria loc
Control Bar

algeria loc
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