Module 1/7, Lesson 18/29

1.5 Lesson Release Schedule

Unpublished lesson shall be released on the dates given below. We shall notify you about lesson release on the PSP Review Course Study Group here.

 Lesson/LectureRelease Date
1. Getting started with PSP certification  
  1.1 All about PSP certification Released
  1.2 How to take this course Released
  1.3 Course Navigation Released
  1.4 Download Area Released
  1.5 Classes Schedule Released
2. Concepts Review  
  2.1 Earned Value Management Released
  2.2 Critical Path Method Released
  2.3 Schedule Compression Method Released
  2.4 Delay Analysis Method Released
3. Planning  
  3.1 What is a project Released
  3.2 Understanding planning Released
  3.3 Planning Terminologies Released
  3.4 Planning Development Released
  3.5 Planning Product Released
4. Scheduling  
  4.1 Introduction to Scheduling Methods Released
  4.2 Schedule Development 20-Aug-16
  4.3 Schedule Maintenance and Control 04-Sep-16
5. Problem Solving  
  5.1 Problem Solving Tips and Tricks 04-Sep-16
  5.2 Writing Memo Question answer Released
6. Practice Questions  
  6.1 Single Question Battery Released
  6.2 Single Question Battery Released
  6.3 Single Question Battery Released
  6.4 Compound Question Battery Released
  6.5 Memo question Released
7. Course Completion  
  7.1 Course Feedback Form and Certificate 04-Sep-16