Module 1/14, Lesson 12/22

1.2 How to use this course

Self-Paced Learning approach: The course is presented in a way that it is complete and can be taken at your pace. We have also provided an online study group where a student can post their queries and trainers can answer. Past online classes recordings are also available that can be view at the convenience of the student. The majority of student follow Self-Paced Learning approach.


The course study group is the nodal point of Student-to-student and Student-to-trainer communication. You may send Private Message to the trainer and do group discussions with fellow students.

Recommended Study Plan:
While our CCP Review Course can be pursued standalone to augment your skill and knowledge to the international cost engineering standards and practices, however, shall you choose to strive for AACE International’s flagship CCP certification you shall requireatime bound strategy to triumph.

The first question is amount to time required for CCP certification preparation. Well, the amount of time required to prepare for CCP depends on the individual's schedule and mastery on CCP certification knowledge areas prior to preparation start. Based on our earlier experience, the total time required for preparation can vary between 3-months to 1-year. An average time required is generally more than 6 months. The lower side of 3-month is applicable to those students those who already have a master degree in construction project management or have an extensive cost engineering experience.

To suit the requirement of students, we provide CCP Review Course in three subscription periods of 9-months, 6-months and 3-month. The subscription periods are planned keeping in the varied students requirements.  We recommend the minimum 6-month study plan that includes the period of technical paper writing. This study plan is recommended for those who want to give a fresh start to their CCP Certification preparation.

Six Months Study Plan
 Following are the recommended timelines: