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I understand that one can fail in CCP for three reasons below:
a) Fail in Technical paper and pass in CCP exam (Result fail)
b) Pass in technical paper and fail in CCP exam (Result fail)
c) Fail in Technical paper and Fail in CCP exam (Result fail)

So my question is once the paper is approved then only we will apply for exam fee and sit for exam once the preparation completed (within the validity period i.e, 6 months) or after applying for exam fee then after approving the technical paper and sit for exam once the preparation completed (within the validity period i.e, 6 months) ,

Then how come it will be a fail in the technical paper. It creates some confusion can you clarify?
Thursday, May 21 2015, 05:04 PM
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    Thursday, May 21 2015, 05:08 PM - #Permalink
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    You seem too much worried about CCP test. Believe me it is not that difficult. So for none of our students has failed the technical paper – so you don’t worry.

    Let me explain the process our students follow for CCP:

    1. Join the course
    2. Discuss technical paper topic with me
    3. Write the technical Paper
    4. Get my review on technical Paper and finalize it
    5. Apply for CCP Exam and Pay the fee
    6. Submit the experience and education qualification to AACE along with technical paper
    7. Get Approval the application from AACE (note that AACE will review experience and education qualification and give your application approval at this stage - NOT the technical paper)
    8. Schedule the exam
    9. Take the exam
    10. Exam result for both Technical paper and Test will come together with 45 days of taking the exam.

    Generally you will not fail in the technical paper if there is no plagiarism issue. If you technical paper has some deficiencies AACE will send you comments on your technical paper and they will ask you to address the comments and re-submit.
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